Steward Board
Stewards are appointed by the Pastor for one year. They are concerned with the spiritual development of the membership and the financial support of the church.
Trustee Board
Trustees are elected by the church membership. Trustees are entrusted to maintain and to see to the upkeep of all church property.
Missionary Board
Missionary Board fosters missionary activities in the church, which include service to the sick, shut-in, homeless, and needy.
Leaders Board
Music Ministry
The Music Ministry provides musical support for all of our services. The Directors of Music are Mrs. Maxcine Campbell, Mr. Charles Choice, Mrs. Patricia Nichols-Jackson and Mr. Todd Pincham. We currently have four Choirs
Couples Ministry
Couples Ministry provides a network of fellowship for Christian Couples.
Health Ministry
Provides nurses and nurse assistants for our church services. Operates the church’s health unit and offers wellness programs that promote healthy living.
Deaconess Board
Consists of women and young women of good character who provide the elements for communion, maintain the altar and pulpit, and prepare for baptisms.
Lay Council
Its purpose is to acquaint the laity with the history, tradition, and principles of the church. It also provides training for lay leadership.

Pastor’s Steward
The pastor’s Steward provides support to the pastor as needed.

Finance Committee
The purpose of this commission is to manage the finances of the church.

Media Ministry
Manages the church’s sound system and video system. Manages the creation and distribution of video from our services to live streaming, face book, and web site.
W.H.& O.M. Society
Youth and Senior Ushers
The Ushers have the responsibility to greet the congregation, provide assistance as needed, and maintain order during service. Four Usher Boards serve our church: Intermediate & Junior, Young Male, Ladies, and Senior Ushers.
Buds Of Promise