Lomax Christmas Eve Service 2019

Senior Ministry Christmas Fellowship 2019

Lomax 2nd Sunday of Advent 2019

Lomax Christmas Bazaar 2019

Lomax Anna B.Anderson Day 2019

Lomax Men Making Men

Lomax Connectional Lay Sunday 2019

Homecoming 2019

Lomax Nation Acolyte Festival 2019

Lomax Jazz Concert Homecoming 2019

Fall Revival 2019

Children’s Ministry Fitness Jamboree

Lomax Christian Ed Sunday 2019

Children Church and Thank You from Lomax Church

First Sermon By Brother Winger

Remembering 400 Years of Inequality

Senior Ministry Thank The Murrays for Hosting Picnic

Senior Ministry Picnic At The Murray’s

Lomax Community Day (Back Pack Giveaway) 2019

Lomax Lay Council FunDrive 2019

Family Movie Night 08/09/19

Vacation Bible School 2019

Lomax on the Lawn Gospel & Jazz

Lomax Movie on the Lawn

Lomax Young Adult Sunday 2019

Lomax Missionary Stoling 2019

Lomax Graduate Recognition 2019

Lomax Members of the WH& OMS at the Philadelphia-Baltimore Conference

Lomax Pastor’s Appreciation 2019

Women’s Day 2019

District WHOM Prayer Breakfast 2019

Senior Ministry Day

Lomax Easter Sunday 2019

Lomax Sunday School Dept Easter Presentation 2019

Last Seven Words


Lomax Men’s Health Fair 2019

Usher Day

Lay Council Luncheon 2019

LomaxWomen’s Ministry

Couples Ministry Christmas Party 1/5/19

Lomax Men’s Day